Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ontario Hydro rates soar 222% ... and going much Higher

Why has the Liberal Government of Ontario raised our Hydro rates by 222 % ? There are many theories. To pay for the terrible decisions made over the past several years, the mismanagement of Contracts, having to pay for the 80 cent Solar MicroFit Contracts, having to pay the Billions in Hydro Salaries .....  It is the accumulation of many many bad decisions.

Recently the Liberal Government sold off the largest Hydro Electric Utility Company and it is now a Publicly - Traded Monopoly on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (H.to) 

As a Publicly Traded Company beholden to Share Holders if the Hydro Company is losing money for whatever reason they need to cut these losses. Whatever they are. If these losses are actual living human being people who are unable to pay their Bills this is simply a loss that shows up on their Balance Sheet and must be cut. 

If they are disconnected, then this "unpaid - Accounts Receivable" problem simply disappears.

Ontario Premiere Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne installed Smart Meters in every home in Ontario back in 2008 and promised Lower Hydro Electricity costs for everyone since the new rates would be "Time of Use" meaning that if you used Hydro during Off Peak hours, typically from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am you could effectively manage your Consumption and reduce your Hydro bills ?? They rolled out the Smart Meters and TOU (Time of Use Program) with Off Peak Rates but these rates have now climbed by 222%

What is worse is the "Delivery Charge" which is often more than 100 % of the cost of the actual Electricity used.

There is one instance where a Municipality was billed $10,000 for using $300 of Electricity.
These costs are simply passed onto the Residents via increased Property Taxes.

With the coming Carbon Taxes in January things are going to get much much worse.



  1. And what exactly would you like me to tell her? That's she's a deaf old mule?

    We got an official quack in office until her term runs out, there seems to be piss all we can do. And that's why you see her grimming from ear to ear - deplorable human being does'nt connect with real living people struggling in Ontario.

    A total JOKE of a premier bring back real leader Mike Harris and Ernie Eves

    1. Then when her term is up Ontario will vote her in again, Ontarioans are a special kind of stupid...

    2. Asbsoluted retard she should resign.

  2. This is insane.

  3. She just doesn't care !

  4. Any other (sane) country in the world would be rioting over this. We can't even get a 1000 people to show up for a peaceful protest. Our government knows that we are just a bunch of sheep and that they can pretty much do whatever they want without fear of repercussions. Perhaps one day they will finally push us too far and we'll actually band together and kick them to the curb. Unfortunately by the time they do, it will likely be too late to salvage what's left of this once great country.

  5. Officials are not elected it's all an illusion, They are appointed.