Friday, 30 December 2016

Solar Lithium Generator Wagan1500 Plus $1,300

Solar Lithium Generator will never leave you in the dark.


Wagan (EL2547) Solar e Power Cube 1500 Plus Wagan 

No matter what you're preparing for, the Solar Lithium Generator will power your needs with its built in 1500 watt power inverter and 100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Smart Battery.

The Solar Lithium Generator is an ideal alternative to those noisy, fume laden, generators of old. Requiring no fuel and emitting zero fumes, the Solar Lithium Generator is powered by an internal 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery that is recharged by the sun. The unit is completely self-sufficient and has an integrated collapsible handle and oversize wheels to make transporting the Solar Lithium Generator a breeze.

You’ve Found the One
Every detail has been well-thought out and expertly designed; from the powerful Lithium Ion Battery, 1500 watt inverter, large oversized wheels to the folding solar panel design, every part of the Solar Lithium Generator has been devised with user convenience in mind. There are no other devices in the market that can remotely compare to the Solar Lithium Generator and its complete package; this is the only complete, compact, and ready to use unit with nothing extra to buy!

Silence is Golden
Favored by off-grid users, campers, tail gating crowds, independent artisans, outdoor enthusiasts, recreational/sports families, RV’ers, and everyday people, the Solar Lithium Generator is an ideal solution for places where “silence is golden”. Being nearly silent means that you can use the Solar Lithium Genrator in areas where normal generators are not allowed: on the beach, at a block party, in the woods, at craft fairs, indoors, and more! The only noise emitted by the Solar Lithium generator is the cooling fan for the inverter; that is it!

Green & Free: Sun Power
The Sun is bright and so are you; why not harness the free power emitted by the Sun? With fuel costs reaching an all-time high and being unsafe to transport (and breathe in the fumes), why not ditch the gas-guzzling generator for one that doesn’t get hot to the touch and costs you $0 in fuel costs?! Recharging is simple, just open the solar panels and let the sun do the rest; it is that easy!

Expandable Design
Though the Solar Lithium Generator is ready to use out of the box, users do have the option of adding additional solar panels and more batteries to increase run-times while decreasing charge time. Up to 220W of additional solar panels can be added and configured to suit your needs, simply plug the external panels into the ports provided on the front display panel of the Solar Lithium Generator! Adding additional batteries is as equally user-friendly; plug the corresponding cables (Black/Negative (-) & Red/Positive(+)) into the provided color-coded expansion terminals on the rear of the Solar Lithium Generator.

Emergency Services Support
Of course the Solar Lithium Generator can be used for everyday needs, but it also makes a great back-up companion during an emergency. Used by many in the HAM radio operator’s community and other emergency services, the Solar Lithium generator is a capable and self-recharging Solar Generator that provides power when the grid is unavailable or when it goes down.

Easy to use portable Solar Generator power source. Fume-free and quiet for safe indoor use with your AC, DC, or USB appliances. Emergency must-have!
  • 2 Universal AC Outlets
  • 2 DC Outlets with auto-reset, circuit breaker
  • 2 USB Power Ports to charge cell phones, MP3 players, tablets & e-readers, and laptops
  • Digital voltmeter for checking battery status
  • AC recharging adapter
  • DC recharging adapter (fused)
  • Collapsible handle & wheels for easy transport
  • Hidden storage compartment
  • Additional solar panels can be connected (through terminals) for more power (up to 220W additional)
  • Internal 20A solar controller
  • Additional batteries can also be connected to rear terminals
  • Includes AC & DC chargers
  • Fold-up compact design


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