Monday, 28 November 2016

Electricity is NOT a Luxury it is an ESSENTIAL Service.

Canada is NOT a 3rd world Country. Electricity is NOT a Luxury. It is an Essential Service.

However, what Ontario has done is create a Monopoly. There is no choice, no options.

In Ontario we have One power Company control each area of the Province. There is no Competition. They have required that we run their wires into our homes. No Options.

We were required to have the Government install Smart Meters in our homes.... then, after everyone was locked in they started to crank up the rates, and crank up the rates, and crank up the rates.

We are the proverbial Frog in the boiling pot of water. In 2008 the water started at room temperature around 2.7 cents per KWHr, then the rates were cranked up, and cranked up, until this past May the rates had risen over 200 % and the Delivery Charges as much as 1000 %.

Now the water is at a boil and frogs are starting to die. The Hydro companies are disconnecting people because they cannot pay their Hydro Bills. Well, Enough is Enough.

This Organized Criminal strangle hold on the Citizens of Ontario has to End. It will end well or it will end badly. Ontario must provide competitive rates for Electricity or their will be a Mass Exodus out of this Province.  An Exodus of Business and an Exodus of Citizens. The hour is upon us.

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